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On 06, May 2012 | In | By admin

Preserve, Renew, Invent [Light Bytes]

January 2008 at MIC Toi Rerehiko (Media and Interdisciplinary Arts Centre), Level 1/321, Karangahape Rd, Auckland, NZ (25 January – 8 March, 2008)

This exhibition is a local and international project that involves archiving and disseminating aphoristic texts in a range of public sites and media. A multi platform “art-in-a-suitcase”, its various components pack into a portable edition containing DVD components, an artists’ book of archival photography, and ceramic plates (this limited edition of ceramics is an inaugural edition for MIC, and reflects it’s name change from Moving Image Centre to Media and Interdisciplinary Arts Centre).

The abstract for a related paper about to be published in The International Journal of the Book, titled Preserve, Renew, Invent [Light Bytes]: The Aphoristic Statement and the Future of the Book: View here

Video: Preserve, Renew, Invent [light Bytes]

MIC Invite [light Bytes]

Information Handout

View Thesis including exhibition documentation Preserve, Renew, Invent [Light Bytes]


The Works
  • POST ART Suitcase component
    Light Bytes Artists’ book
    POST ART Ceramic plates x 4
    Mini DVD player showing Preserve, Renew, Invent [Light Bytes] on urban screens in NZ, France and Russia
    The A4 box (on-going written archive components, and artists’ books).
  • POST ART Ceramic plates, 2008
    1) Never tell THE TROUBLE what the trouble is (Edition of 10 x two 8 inch glazed plate sets)
    2) Don’t take know for an answer (Edition of 30 x single 8 inch glazed plates)
    3) If there are obstacles, the shortest distance between two points may be a crooked line.
    (Edition of 30 x 8 inch glazed plates)
  • Light Bytes (digital frame with stills)