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Non-gallery sites


4-th International video-art festival on outdoor video screens. Festival places Moscow, Volgograd, Voronezh, Kaliningrad, Perm, Rostov-on-Don, Riazan’, Samara, Sochi, Ufa, Yekaterinburg [Russia]. Night Program 3rd & 4th August. Title of…

Light Bytes at Night: Making it New

2003–8 Light Bytes at Night: Making it New by Lesley Kaiser and Millenium Girl by Kezia Barnett Projected animations showing in between the ads on a four-storey high projection billboard, after-dark every Wednesday,…

Work in Non-Gallery Sites

(from 1991–2000 in collaboration with John Barnett)

  • Increase the peace text work on receipt rollouts at New World and Foodtown Supermarkets, Auckland, and also in 23 other supermarkets around NZ.
  • we are all bees of the invisible: Text ‘coupons’ on receipt rollouts, Grey Lynn Foodtown supermarket. Ferlinghetti’s, Lorne Street, Auckland: Bronze plaques.
  • In Loving Memory of Art, video.
  • A Little Ignorance Goes a Long Way Award, bailout.
  • The Local Project. Organised and curated exhibition of artwork texts that was displayed on the Daktronics signs at Queens Wharf and the Ferry Berth, Quay Street, Auckland.
  • The Alba Readings, Alba, Lorne Street, Auckland: tablecloths and walls.
  • Days of Shame, mailout: A Suffrage Year Project. Text ‘coupons’ on receipt rollouts, Devonport New World supermarket, Auckland. Bumper mailout: three items: Like It Or Not, Ida Lupino,
  • Art Sick Bag order form & limited edition.
  • You Saw It On TV, organised and curated exhibition of textworks that was shown on TV3.
  • Like wrecks of a dissolving dream. Self-adhesive label distributed with Quote Unquote 6.
  • The Paper Project. Organised and curated exhibition of textworks in the NZ Herald.
  • A little ignorance goes a long way. Self-adhesive label distributed with Art New Zealand 65.
  • Landfall 182, Cover concept and design.
  • Like They Are Now, organised and curated exhibition by Lesley Kaiser and John Barnett, featuring the artwork texts from Nz writers and artists, which were displayed in Auckland on the electronic sign (on the corner of Queen and Victoria Streets), on the electronic sign above the BNZ (corner of Queen and Shortland Streets), and in Wellington (on the electronic sign at the Harbour City Centre, Lambton Quay).
  • Not Broadcast Quality, Foyer installation commissioned for women’s performance show, Depot Theatre, Wellington. The three works were accompanied by a limited edition of Not Broadcast Quality self-adhesive labels.
  • Painting commissioned for ceiling of AMAT Hospital.