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On 16, Jul 2014 | In | By admin

As it is Now

As It Is Now is an animation (in collaboration with Logan Austin) created for the Animacall Animation Project 2011 at The Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki – part of the State Museum of Contemporary Art focusing on the promotion of new media and contemporary art techniques. Read more…

Marker Exhibition – Ramp Gallery

On 03, Jul 2014 | In | By admin

Marker Exhibition – Ramp Gallery

Kaiser, L. (2012). I want to be citated: Karaoke [Poster – A1 plan printing] in Marker, a group exhibition curated by Kim Paton. RAMP gallery, Wintec, Hamilton, NZ. 29 May – 15 June.

Installation image below, and colour version of poster LHS. The Karaoke component was created as part of the work in collaboration with animator Logan Austin.
Austin, L [Animation] & Kaiser, L. [Concept]. (2012). I want to be citated [Karaoke]. Auckland, NZ: Alphabet Piano Productions.

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5 o’clock closing5 o’clock closing5 o’clock closing5 o’clock closing5 o’clock closing5 o’clock closing

On 06, May 2012 | In | By admin

5 o’clock closing

First year MA (Art and Design) Exhibition, St. Pauls St. Gallery, 34 St. Pauls St., Auckland.

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4-th International video-art festival on outdoor video screens.
Festival places Moscow, Volgograd, Voronezh, Kaliningrad, Perm, Rostov-on-Don, Riazan’, Samara, Sochi, Ufa, Yekaterinburg [Russia]. Night Program 3rd & 4th August. Title of video animation Increase the Peace [Russia] by Lesley Kaiser in collaboration with Logan Austin). Curated by Arseny Sergeyev [Russia] artist, curator, co-founder, Enrico Tomaselli [Italy] art director Magmart festival, Mogens Jacobsen [Denmark] artist, curator, co-founder